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Cloud Cycle provides real time data and analysis to improve product quality and productivity in the ready-mixed concrete industry.

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Three Critical Challenges

1 Quality Control

It’s difficult to control the quality of concrete and ensure that when it arrives on site it will be at the quality specified. As a consequence, typically 5% of a project’s concrete is wasted.

2 Implementation

Digital hardware in traditional industries, such as construction, is hard to scale because it’s expensive, heavy, and difficult to integrate.

3 Environmental Sustainability

New ESG targets that tackle CO2 emissions will be costly for the construction industry with concrete emitting 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

Cloud Cycle's 3 Pillars



Cloud Cycle will be world leaders in the collection of ready-mix concrete data using AI and our proprietary sensor, the Cloud Box. Combined these allow customers to have both transparency and control of their operations.



Utilising the core principles of the circular economy, Cloud Cycle’s technology reduces waste, keeps ready-mix concrete in use longer, and reduces CO2 to help regenerate natural systems. This can save the global construction industry £40 billion each year.



Worldwide, we can reach 500,000 trucks to help reduce waste and avoid CO2 emissions on a global scale. Cloud Cycle is intelligent material management helping companies prepare for net zero and meet their ESG targets from site to C-Suite.

Our team

Phill White's Face

Phill White

Founder and CEO

Russell Elfenbein's Face

Russell Elfenbein

Founder and CTO

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Georgie McNee


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Geraldine Hodges


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Erin Jensen

Chief of Staff

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Nia Halton

Financial Controller

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Ed Waugh

Head of Engineering

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Nicolas Wilczak

Head of Product

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Graeme Bradbury

Principal Back End Engineer

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Paul Sinkinson

Principal Front End Engineer

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Emeso Ojo

Senior Research Scientist

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Justine Courty

Senior Data Scientist

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Andreas Kampitsis

Senior Research Engineer

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Sion Cowdy

Mechanical Engineer

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Alexandra Secan

Operations Manager


“The most exciting part of my work is that we are a start-up seeking to make meaningful contributions to the construction industry by leveraging on disruptive technologies.”
“The most interesting thing about working here is I could be 3D designing a part one day, it could be made the next and tested out on a truck the week after. It is so exciting to see your thoughts and ideas come to life so quickly.”
“I really like building the team, every new hire has such a big impact on the company and it's great to onboard the people I will hopefully be working with for a long time to come.”

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